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    As Atlantic Aquarium, we produced many different products in the aquarium and pet products sector since 1990. We have been in many aquariums and pet shops with international standards, quality and long lasting aquarium filters, mainly with our aquarium internal filters. Today, we are still working with our first day impression and we strive to make our work in the best way . We still continue to produce our products 100% domestic.

    As Atlantic Filter family; today we have been in many pet shops and aquarium stores . This pride is all of us…

  • .Atlantik 600F Fılter.
    Atlantik 600F Fılter
  • .Atlantik 1200F Fılter.
    Atlantik 1200F Fılter
  • .Atlantik 1400F Filter.
    Atlantik 1400F Filter
  • .Atlantik 1800F Filter.
    Atlantik 1800F Filter
  • .Atlantik 2200F Filter.
    Atlantik 2200F Filter
  • .Atlantik 3200F Filter.
    Atlantik 3200F Filter
  • .Atlantik 1200T Fılter.
    Atlantik 1200T Fılter
  • .Atlantik 1400T Fılter.
    Atlantik 1400T Fılter
  • .Atlantik 1800T Filter.
    Atlantik 1800T Filter
  • .Atlantik 2200T Filter.
    Atlantik 2200T Filter
  • .Atlantik 3200T Filter.
    Atlantik 3200T Filter
  • .Atlantik 1250A External Filter.
    Atlantik 1250A External Filter
  • .Aquarium Cover 23cm.
    Aquarium Cover 23cm
  • .Aquarium Cover 30cm and 35cm.
    Aquarium Cover 30cm and 35cm
  • .Aquarium Cover 30cm - 35cm - 50cm.
    Aquarium Cover 30cm - 35cm - 50cm
  • .Aquarium Cover 30cm - 35cm - 50cm - 65cm.
    Aquarium Cover 30cm - 35cm - 50cm - 65cm
  • .Breeding Container.
    Breeding Container
  • .Crystal Breeding Container.
    Crystal Breeding Container
  • .Double Crystal Breeding Container.
    Double Crystal Breeding Container
  • .Air Stone 25cm.
    Air Stone 25cm
  • .Atlantik Small PVC Ventouse.
    Atlantik Small PVC Ventouse
  • .Heater PVC Ventouse.
    Heater PVC Ventouse
  • .Atlantik PVC Ventouse.
    Atlantik PVC Ventouse
  • .Atlantik Hose PVC  Ventouse.
    Atlantik Hose PVC Ventouse
  • .Incubator Set.
    Incubator Set
  • .Turtle Tank with Cover.
    Turtle Tank with Cover
  • .Turtle Tank.
    Turtle Tank
  • .Cichlid Stick Granulat.
    Cichlid Stick Granulat
  • .Turtle Stick.
    Turtle Stick
  • .Artemia Extra Flake.
    Artemia Extra Flake
  • .Cichlid Extra Flake.
    Cichlid Extra Flake
  • .Flakemix Flake.
    Flakemix Flake
  • .Gold Fish Flake.
    Gold Fish Flake
  • .Gold Fish Mix Flake.
    Gold Fish Mix Flake
  • .Spirulina Extra Flake.
    Spirulina Extra Flake
  • .Pond Mix.
    Pond Mix
  • .Pond Pure.
    Pond Pure
  • .Baby Fish Granulat.
    Baby Fish Granulat
  • .Baby Fish Max Power Granulat.
    Baby Fish Max Power Granulat
  • .Baby Fish Spirulina Garlix Granulat.
    Baby Fish Spirulina Garlix Granulat
  • .Betta Granulat.
    Betta Granulat
  • .Cichlid Mix Granulat.
    Cichlid Mix Granulat
  • .Discus Pro Granulat.
    Discus Pro Granulat
  • .Discus Red Granulat.
    Discus Red Granulat
  • .Malawi Fish Granulat.
    Malawi Fish Granulat
  • .Max Power Granulat.
    Max Power Granulat
  • .Micron Mix Granulat.
    Micron Mix Granulat
  • .Middle Fish Granulat.
    Middle Fish Granulat
  • .Spirulina Garlic Granulat.
    Spirulina Garlic Granulat
  • .Tanganyika Cichlid Granulat.
    Tanganyika Cichlid Granulat
  • .Trophy Pro Granulat.
    Trophy Pro Granulat
  • .Tropical Mix Granulat.
    Tropical Mix Granulat
  • .Blue Color Granulat.
    Blue Color Granulat
  • .Red Color Granulat.
    Red Color Granulat
  • .Yellow Color Granulat.
    Yellow Color Granulat
  • .Rainbow Color Granulat.
    Rainbow Color Granulat
  • .Guppy Fish Spirulina Garlic Granulat.
    Guppy Fish Spirulina Garlic Granulat
  • .Flower Horn Pellet.
    Flower Horn Pellet
  • .Red Parrot Pellet.
    Red Parrot Pellet
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